Grab Everything You Need
To Get Your Revolution Garden

Thriving in 30 Minutes Flat!

Hey it’s James here…

I’m so excited to see you getting double yields from your garden...

For the rest of your life!

That’s why I wanna make it as easy as possible for you to start your Rev Garden ASAP…

And that's why, I’m going to give you a solution to putting the whole thing together 

in as little as 30 minutes flat!

Let Me Save You Hours
Of Your Precious Life?

Depending on where you live...

It could take you multiple trips to multiple stores, requiring multiple hours (or days) to get all your equipment to set up your Rev Garden…

Or worse, you’ll find Amazon price-gougers ripping you off, charging you literally
10x the price (!) for the items you need.

I cannot allow that to happen.

Because I want you to start reaping armfuls of delicious food ASAP...

...and I want to see you enjoying your impressive bounty, sharing your massive veggies, fruits, and herbs with family and friends ASAP (like this)...

Michelle Locher, dear friend and Revolutionary Gardener from Taos, NM

I’ve decided to bite the bullet, and save you A LOT of precious time (and money) sourcing your supplies.

Here’s how I accomplish this for you:

I live in Colorado, and, as you probably know...

Colorado Is One Of The Biggest
Producers Of Indoor Weed (Marijuana)
In The USA...

Know what this means?

It means, I have access to TONS of growing equipment at rock bottom prices.

There are dozens of grow stores in Colorado with awesome prices on everything you need for growing “high yield” crops.

(high yield, get it?) 😂

Sadly, I realized most people outside of Colorado don’t have easy or inexpensive access to the equipment you’ll need to set up your kick-ass, Revolution Garden that cranks out double-harvests.

That’s why I’m going to send your supplies directly to your doorstep.

I'm proud to introduce...

Your Revolution Garden Kickstart Kit!

YES! Send My Rev Garden Kit Now!

(🇺🇸 Limited Time Offer: FREE SHIPPING Anywhere In The United States 🇺🇸)

Ah yes, at long last…

The kit my students have emailed me incessantly about for years…

...has finally arrived!

I hired a hyper organized, highly analytical person (i.e. not me of course!) to get this amazing, Revolution Garden starter-kit into your soil-covered hands!

Your Revolution Garden Kickstart Kit is meticulously packaged by the most detail-oriented savants I've ever met, to give you...

(Almost) Everything You Need To Get Your Revolution Garden
Set Up in As Little As 30 Minutes.

This way, you can start reaping epic harvests ASAP!

Right now, thanks to "The Rona" kits are 
extremely limited because of supply chain issues, stores permanently closing, and the entire world urgently wanting to grow food.

I’m doing my best, but there are no guarantees on how long I'll keep them in stock.

If you're serious about getting an amazing harvests for the rest of your life...
I recommend 
you order now.

YES! Send My Rev Garden Kit Now!

What's Inside My Revolution Garden Kit?

Each Kit Lands On Your Doorstep With Supplies
For One 2x4 foot "Wood Style" Revolution Garden

-Liners For One 2'x4' Garden
(Two food-safe liners for growbed and reservoir pre-sized and pre-cut)

-Complete Fitting Set
(my favorite fitting set, ready for your Revolution Garden)

-1 Pump
(highest quality, longest lasting aquatic pump on the market)

-1 Analog Timer
(highest quality, will literally last 20+ years) 

-1 Length Of Tubing (12 inches)
(connects pump to inflow fitting, saves you needlessly ordering a 100 foot roll)

-1 Root Barrier
(pre-cut and sized to fit your 2x4 bed)

-1 Pack Growth-Boosting Soil Amendments Blend
(specially mixed for massive growth)

-Lumber Cut List (PDF emailed to you)
(print and hand this to the lumber department employee at Home Depot/Lowes)

Wood Frames, Media, And Soil NOT INCLUDED
(wood is heavy and expensive to ship, this saves you money)

Now, before you scroll down and place your order, consider this:

"Cool James...
How Much $$$ You Gonna Save Me?"

Know how much this would run you at local stores (when you finally find the items)?

About $257.

Also, consider how much your TIME is worth?

I'm about to save you precious time AND your hard earned money.

Because, after 10+ years in the industry, I get rock bottom prices on this stuff... I'm passing the savings onto YOU!

And, for a limited time, I'm offering you FREE SHIPPING when you order today.

OK, so how much?

Grab your kit for:

Just $167

YES! Send My Rev Garden Kit Now!

Considering it's going to grow like $1,000 of produce for you in the first year...

The tiny green monsters think it's a smokin' deal... and I must agree.

Like I said on Day 1...

Revolution Garden requires a little more material investment than your run-of-the-mill garden... and this is a very small additional investment to legitimately get DOUBLE yields in half the time without pests, weeding, and watering.

Worth it? I think so.


Cool. Let's get you your kit.

Click the obnoxiously big orange button below and your kit will land on your doorstep ASAP.

YES! Send My Rev Garden Kit Now!

Relax, You're DOUBLE-Protected
By My "Temporary Insanity Plea"
And My 100% "Guaranteed Results" Promise

You're protected by my 30 Day
"Temporary Insanity Plea" Guarantee.

If you suddenly go insane and decide jaw-dropping harvests ain't for you, no sweat.

Simply send back your kit and I'll refund your investment, and give your kit to someone on my wait list.

You're also protected by my
90 Day Guaranteed Results Promise.

Yes, that means if you try this and follow my instructions inside your Mastery Manual exactly as I say, and for some weird reason you don't get amazing results.

Send back the kit, I'll refund your investment, and I'll jump off a bridge in utter bewilderment and despair.

First Layer Of Protection:
30 Day "Temporary Insanity Plea" Guarantee

Second Layer Of Protection:
90 Day "Guaranteed Results" Promise

3 Easy Steps To Get Your Kit
Sitting On Your Doorstep!

Step 1: Quantity
How Many 2'x4' Gardens Are You Setting Up?
(More Beds = More Food!)

Significant Price Discounts When You Order in Bulk

One 2x4 Bed

Two 2x4 Beds
(save $263)

Mini Farm! Four 2x4 Beds
(save $541)

Continue to Step 2 →Continue to Step 2 →Continue to Step 2 →

Your Amazing Yields Are One Click Away!


Listen, for years, I was extremely reluctant to doing this whole "kit" thing.

That’s the God honest truth.


Because I’m one of those "creative" types...

Which means I’m extremely disorganized.

I'm like a crazy artist covered in paint (and soil) wearing mismatched socks.

This explains how I'm able to come up with earth-shattering innovations like Revolution Garden that grow double the food in half the time...

It also explains why the very idea of putting 17 very important pieces in a box and shipping it to my Flame Keepers around the globe feels like brain surgery.

But, you know what?

I truly want to see you reaping amazing harvests year after year...

I want to see you clutching armfuls of nutrient-dense foods, like my other students...

And I want to make it as easy as humanly possible for you!

That's why I decided to shove my selfish limitations aside...

Clutch my cojones...

And get my poop in a group to deliver you this kit!

Just keep in mind...

If my crazy artist-self gets overwhelmed by all the logistics...

I could suddenly STOP delivering these kits at any time(!) forcing my students to fend for themselves like orphaned little forest wolves to get their materials.

Of course, I hope that won't happen, but it is a possibility.

That's why I highly recommend you grab a kit right now... while I'm still OK with the idea, and my "organizational kit-shipping savants" are still tolerating me.

Your Amazing Yields Are One Click Away!

YES! Send My Rev Garden Kit Now!

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Michelle Locher, dear friend and Revolutionary Gardener from Taos, NM

YES! Send My Rev Garden Kit Now!YES! Send My Rev Garden Kit Now!YES! Send My Rev Garden Kit Now!YES! Send My Rev Garden Kit Now!YES! Send My Rev Garden Kit Now!

(🇺🇸 Limited Time Offer: 
Anywhere In The United States 🇺🇸)

Significant Price Discounts When You Order in Bulk

My Not-So-Secret "Secret"
For Year-Round Harvests...

Why I Dragged Myself Around 

Like A Screaming Toddler
For Two Years To Get You This Kit...

↓ Winter, do your worst... I've got an edible JUNGLE! ↓